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Land & New Homes

Find the ideal buyers for your new homes or prospective development quickly and effectively with our highly experienced team.

New homes sold, effortlessly

From a single property to a bespoke collection or large, diverse developments, marketing and selling new homes demands a high level of attention and expertise. We’ve invested in a dedicated specialist team so you can stay focused on getting your next exciting projects planned and built.

Led by industry expert Paul Copeland, we combine decades of experience in the field with an in-depth understanding of the property market across Essex to deliver an efficient and effective service with a real human touch.

Having worked with a large number of developers both large and small, and on projects of every scale, Paul and his colleagues will be able to provide you with a full bespoke marketing plan, covering every channel, or integrate our efforts seamlessly with your in-house marketing team.

From new plot to completed homes

Our land and new homes department will work closely with you to ensure we cover every detail at all stages of your project’s sale. We’ll bring our expertise to bear not only on the marketing, but also aspects around future developments.

Developers will be able to enjoy:

  • Bespoke campaign strategies for every project
  • Market research and up-to-the-minute insights
  • High profile online and physical display marketing
  • Targeted mail promotion
  • Vibrant, user-friendly website
  • Attractive development landing pages
  • Impressive photography and CGIs
  • Dedicated sales managers
  • Advice on new land and possible sales potential
  • ‘No-fluff’ paperwork
  • A wealth of knowledge in the new homes sector

Calling All Land Owners

At Harris & Wood we maintain an active policy of seeking land for development and are always interested in hearing from land owners and agents who have land to sell.

Our main focus is land in the boroughs of Colchester and Tendring progressing down the A12 corridor to Chelmsford.

Our clients will consider land with or without planning and in some circumstances no commission would be payable. If you have land suitable for development with or without planning, need a quick decision or considering a joint venture please contact our director Paul Copeland on 07801 594274 or

Introducing Paul Copeland

Liked and respected throughout the development sector, Paul Copeland has been at the cutting-edge of the Land & New Homes sector for over 21 years. Having successfully spearheaded activities at a nationally-recognised brand, Paul joined us in January 2021, relishing the opportunity to build his own new department and raise the bar in marketing and consultancy for developers of every stripe. Having worked at the highest level in Land & New Homes, Paul brings his long list of connections, vast knowledge of property marketing and history of strong relationships across the industry to every project. Want to give your development’s marketing an edge over the competition? Just get in touch.

An efficient new homes sales & marketing proposal

See your properties professionally brought to market and on their way to smooth sales.

  • Dynamic, user-friendly digital marketing
  • Beautifully produced brochures and leaflets
  • Individual strategies and campaigns
  • Insightful and efficient sales management
  • Transparent, friendly relationships
  • Outstanding client and customer service

Want to find a new, contemporary approach to selling your new homes that connects with today’s always-online market?

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