Our Story

A culmination of experience in property.

The Story so far...

May 2017
Our story starts...

In May of 2017, the two pioneers Shane Harris + Marc Wood founded the company with great ambition in sight.

December 2017
Launching Lettings

We opened our lettings department with Tracy Dumont as a partner in December 2017, opening new doors to our business and expanding our offering for tenants to enjoy.

December 2020
Witham Expansion

We expanded into new territories with our Witham office launching, offering our industry-leading services to a wider market and benchmarking our success from here on out.

January 2021
Land + New Homes

In January of 2021, we launched our Land + New Homes department with Paul Copeland who has 30+ years experience in the industry.

December 2022
Chesterwell Expansion

We expanded into brand-new territories with our Chesterwell office launching, offering our industry-leading services to an even wider market and benchmarking our success from here on out for yet-another market.

2022 - 2023
Gold Winner - Letting Estate Agent

We were proud to be the gold winner for letting agents in Essex, with our Colchester office winning the award in 2022 and our Witham office in 2023.

August 2023
Planet Mortgages Acquisition

August 2023 saw our first strategic acquisition, with us purchasing a renowned mortgage advisory and brokerage service; Planet Mortgages. Enabling a greater and more intimate sharpening of our services.

We believe the most important part of any relationship, business or otherwise is the sharing of a mutual goal, and the upholding of core values in working towards that goal.

We feel it’s imperative to use modern techniques combined with traditional customs to grab attention in a busy, noisy world and understand that selling homes today requires marketing experts – not just sales people.

Buying or selling a property is one of the biggest decisions you’re ever likely to make. We understand how important this decision is and want your trust in us to be based upon offering you the very best advice, service and communication throughout the process.

Each person, couple, or business we deal with becomes an advocate of our own business. Each property purchased or sold becomes part of our story, part of our legacy, and we’re committed to building a legacy based on trust by providing you with more value than anybody else, in new ways, consistently. And by taking a fresh approach to the way this life-changing decision is handled, to ensure that everyone is supported, happy and inspired from the moment we meet, and throughout the whole experience thereafter.

We understand that we play an integral part in your life for a small moment in time, therefore we have a responsibility to be more than a property company. Where and how you live is as important to us as the intricate details of the property itself.

Its more than a move, its a life-changing event and requires the attention of people who value the person as much as the property.

Everything we do is predicated upon helping you make the right decision for you and your loved ones. We are a people company who just happen to sell property. And we believe we do that better than anybody else.

Make your move.

Founded in early 2017 by Shane Harris + Marc Wood – Harris + Wood Property Agency is the Property Company that defies convention. We are a company that is devoted to world class marketing and outstanding customer service, but above all, we cherish relationships, with clients and staff alike. We’re the company that pushes boundaries and sets the standards. The company that understands that how we do the job is more important than how much of it we’re doing. We are truly a people company at its core, who happen to deal in property, and we believe we do that better than anybody else.